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Untitled, Book 1
top secret project- Book 1

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Call girls are meant to fuck the client then go home, not fuck them up, but I never minded getting my hands just a little dirty.

Homeless teen turned prostitute turned elite call girl with some… unusual extracurricular activities was not what I’d set out to become, but survivors can’t be choosers. Now, I’ve got a life for myself, and I even like it most of the time, but a favor owed to my boss/ex-lover is about to mess all of that up.

Her husband’s become a problem, and when the team of men she’s hired can’t seal the deal, I’m brought in for some assistance. What a fucking mess. Especially since the team consists of my favorite client, his brother, my roommate, and my roommate’s boyfriend.

When the shitstorm of my present starts to collide a bit too much with my past, I’ve got to hope my skills are sharp enough to keep me in one piece.

There’s an unexpected danger that’s found me once again, but lucky for me, I’ve always thrived in the darkness.


Call girls aren’t meant to have relationships, but my mercenaries are a little too hard to resist. Good thing I never minded breaking the rules.

The guys have another big job to do, but they need my help… again. And this time, it’s a family affair. Girls are going missing from their cousins’ clubs, and it’s our job to hunt down and kill the culprits. Whether it’s linked to their less-than-legal business dealings, MC connections, or just the shady bastards they call customers, no one knows. I have a feeling we’ll need to go all in and knives out.

Not to mention I’ve still got my own business to take care of. Having that white picket fence and a happily ever after was never in the cards for me, and now that I’ve formed attachments, the future looks just as complicated and even more fucked up. Especially since ex-lovers and new clients are waiting in line to join the shitshow that is my life.

I played a little too long in the darkness, and now there are secrets and skeletons coming into the light.

Life isn’t done testing me or my guys. In the end, I’ll find out if they are the home I was always looking for or just another place I was passing through.

safe word, QUEEN OF HEARTS BOOK #2

Call girls aren’t meant for relationships, and my stalker is all too eager to teach me a lesson about staying in my place.

They’ve taken my brother, and they won’t stop until I’m stripped of everything I’d finally started to believe I could have—my guys, my career, and a new life.

The deeper I dig into the shadows of the trafficking ring, the closer to home I get. I never wanted to go back to that hell hole, but for Thomas… Well, I’d face the devil himself to get my brother back.

I’m the one in charge this time, and we’re racing against the clock to save not only Thomas, but the future we’d hoped to build.

Will we find out who my stalker is before the clock runs out, or will that fucker bring us all to our knees.




The old saying is true: you can never outrun your past, not forever.

A life of crime isn't always black and white. The mafia has a lot of room for gray, except for when it comes to being anything outside of the box. The mafia prefers their women to be Barbies, not non-binary.

When it became clear that I’d never live up to the family’s expectations without losing my identity, the only thing left for me to do was run. Now I have a new name, in a new city, with only one man on my side who knows the truth. I was ready to start over, but life had other ideas.

Unwittingly brought back into the mafia lifestyle by three deadly men with a passion for blood, bondage, and… each other, my past collides with my present, and I don’t know who to trust. Once again, I find myself in a world of gray. Though this time it’s filled with a lot more splashes of crimson than I expected. I’ve always known the only way out is death. If I’m lucky. Though my men are making me wish that there was another way.

When the game of love is filled with death, lies, and corruption, is it possible for its beauty to survive?

beauty of corruption, lies & loves book #1

In chaos there is calculation.

After Conrad’s faked death, the O'Callaghans are in a tailspin, with no idea how close the real traitors are.

I’m trying to follow Sorcha’s moves, but my secrets aren’t done with me yet. Frederick is hunting me, determined to kill me now that I’m part of another Family, and my father is twisting things to his own advantage to get me back under his wing. I call my friends to help me with the chaos in Seattle but even with their help shit is getting out of control.

Our group is forced to face the demons of our pasts and present, knowing that there is no future unless we make it through. But as we try to weather the storms in our relationships, there is war brewing in our city.

Secrets, confessions, and betrayals.

All is fair in love and war.

BEAUTY OF betrayal, lies & loves BOOK #2


SHOP lies & loves duet


shop mystic harbor

shop omega besties

shop the forgotten

Three Rules for Surviving Lumen:
 1. Don’t question the government.
2. Watch out for the birds.
3. Don’t get caught.

In 3246, our world thrives on the desperation of the lower class, reserving its best for the citizens of the sky-high Uppers while the rest suffer.

I always managed to scrape by but then I’m trapped in Eden, and too bad for me, it runs by its own set of rules.

Locked away in the underwater prison, I’m tangled in a web of mysteries that are centuries in the making.

If I want to save the broken but sexy demigods who are hellbent on breaking down my defenses, then I have to solve

Nexus, the forgotten book #1

My New Survival Plan:
 1. Unleash the guys’ powers
2. Figure out this friends to lovers… thing with Wade
3. Break out of prison

Easier said than done, especially since fate has its own ideas in store for me.

The others are growing more powerful with each mystery we solve, but I’m not so sure that humans were really meant to play with demigods.

They might escape Eden whole, but will I?

Broken, the forgotten book #2

My New Bucket List:
Open the last box
Control my powers
Get back to Lumen and change the world

The gods are fading, most barely a memory, and I’ve been tasked with fixing it.
But when it comes to my life, the best laid plans always go awry.

After learning the gods’ true motives, I’m faced with the ultimate test.
What will I sacrifice for the greater good?
Or, more importantly, who?

memory, the forgotten book #3

The only way to rid Lumen of corruption was to hit Reset.

My Plan for the Reset:
1. Figure out a way to heal Wade.
2. Find the mainframe.
3. Don’t get caught by Lumen, the Apostates, or the gods.

Anouk had his idea for the end of days, but so did we and they couldn’t be more different. Humanity had fallen, but it seemed so had the gods.

As we go about our mission we are met with secrets, lies, and betrayals around every corner. When faced with revelations that bring my world crashing down around me, what will I choose? Will I follow the men that claim me, body and soul or will a temptation from my past be too great to pass up?

What do I do when both choices mean breaking my heart in two?

reset, the forgotten book #4


SHOP the forgotten series

Everyone has skeletons in the closet. Mine are just a bit… crazier, than most.

I’ve spent most of my adult life keeping a low profile and flying under the radar. Because my past is better off staying in the past.

Now I’m living my best life in Alexandria with my three besties. We have a new place, new jobs, and for once I’m feeling optimistic where life has taken me.

When I save a sassy older omega from a creeper at a bar, she thanks me by setting me up on a blind date. Though she left out the part about it being with five men. And all it takes is one amazing date to question my usual stance on keeping everyone but my besties at arm’s length.

Of course, just as things seem like they could be perfect, my past comes crashing back in. Now I find myself in a world of mafia men, drugs, and the cult that just won’t let me go.

Can my new pack and I find a way to lay those skeletons to rest? Or will I be forced to be the omega my parents always wanted me to be?

Secrets & Stoners, Omega Besties book #1

How long can I hold onto my secrets before I break?

My entire life has revolved around taking care of others. Between a sick mom and keeping my best friend safe, I've lost myself. Or maybe I just never bothered to find myself.

The only thing keeping me sane is my job at the strip club. Dancing is my escape and doing it as a career has given me more confidence than I ever thought possible.

The issue?

The job comes with more than just benefits. Four alphas have now decided that I'm theirs and refuse to let me run away.

And for once in my life, I don't want to either.

When new secrets are revealed, I feel like my entire world is ready to crumble around me. But can I choose between a pack that makes me happy and someone's life?

Dancing & Drama, Omega Besties book #2

Always the mom-friend and never the mom… That was the most painful feeling in my life until now.

My new found pack was finally settling in until my past came calling. Viper. A powerful alpha and my ex-fiancé I’d left with a bullshit apology.

Not only do my besties want answers, but so does my pack, and the alpha who isn’t too keen on the ex part of the fiancé description.

As I’m battling my own inner doubts, my mates come together to show me that they love me– curves, baggage and all.

Will we all come to terms with our new future or will I find myself running again from the only men who’d made me feel like a real omega?

BIKERS & bARS, Omega Besties book #3



My name is Ella Vance, and I’m not crazy.

Supernaturals are real.

No one believes me, especially my family who would rather lock me away for it.

Now I find myself in Mystic Harbor looking for a fresh start and that’s all in the past. This is my opportunity to find out who I am. No pretending to be the perfect daughter or worry about being committed for good.

Any hopes of flying under the radar are quickly dashed when I realize that I’ve caught the attention of quite a few residents, including the most eligible alphas Mystic Harbor has to offer and a few betas for good measure. Fate decided that mating an inexperienced omega with not one or two, but eight mates was just what I needed to help me find myself.

As I start collecting mates, magic I never knew I possessed starts surfacing. Of course, it’s as chaotic as my life and I have no clue how to control it. When my mates call for help it quickly becomes apparent that me being a witch is only the tip of the iceberg. However, even those secrets don’t help us solve the mystery of who and what I am.

Time is ticking, the town is in chaos, and my magic is only getting more tumultuous by the second.

Can we figure out what is going on in time or will my past come back to haunt more than just my dreams?

Power of Fate, Mystic Harbor book #1

Nightmares become reality when I end up back in Kensington.

But this time is different, I won’t break from their lies and abuse now that I have my eight mates to fight for.
Plus, this time I know the truth. Supernaturals are real. And I am one. But there’s even more danger than I could have anticipated waiting for me within Kensington’s walls. I’m not safe, and the future they have planned for me is terrifying.

After an unexpected rescue, I’m suddenly back home with my mates. Instead of a happy reunion, I’m forced to reveal all of the terrible things I learned while on the inside, not to mention working past the trauma that dug deeper than I anticipated.

Unwilling to let me go that easily, my uncle and his allies strike back, determined to control me. But little do they know I don’t just have my mates on my side, I have Mystic Harbor, all of them ready and willing to defend me against the evil I’ve been haunted by for years

Will my newfound home and mates be enough to end this nightmare, or will our new life end before it really begins?

Masked by Chaos, Mystic Harbor book #2




shop insidious

From Author Suki Williams comes Insidious, a captivating and haunting retelling of Edgar Allen Poe's "Masque of the Red Death."

Death is inevitable.

I was supposed to die that night, just like all of my friends. But Death claimed me for their own. Sir and Mistress– my keepers, my tormentors… my loves in an in-between I can’t escape. Blood, lust, and praise was all it took to bind me to them.

But now they are setting me free.

It’s my turn to bring death to those who seek to avoid it, who laugh at it. But what will that make me in the end? Is there such a thing as a happily ever after when the last body falls?

I’ll find out soon enough because death isn’t the end…
It’s only the beginning.




This trilogy contains non con, dub con, BDSM scenes, torture, child trafficking, violence, CSA (no detail but mentioned/implied) and other adult material that people could find triggering.

queen of hearts


mystic harbor

omega besties

the forgotten

lies & loves

This duet contains mentions of sexual assault, torture, violence, self harm, PTSD, and other adult situations readers may find triggering.

lies & Loves

queen of hearts


mystic harbor

omega besties

the forgotten


The Forgotten Series contains violence, attempted assault, and other situations that others might find triggering.

lies & loves

queen of hearts


mystic harbor

omega besties

the forgotten


Inside of Omega Besties, the characters are all adults and there will be mentions of alcohol, drug use, and some violence.

lies & loves

queen of hearts


mystic harbor

omega besties

the forgotten


This series contains violence, mental health trauma, hospitalization, and abuse by medical staff. 

lies & loves

queen of hearts


mystic harbor

omega besties

the forgotten


This story contains non con, dub con, torture, violence, kidnapping, BDSM, and other adult material that people could find triggering.

lies & loves

queen of hearts


mystic harbor

omega besties

the forgotten


trigger warnings

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