“Hearts are wild creatures, that’s why our ribs are cages.” — Morticia Addams

Meet The AuThoR

It was my escape and my safe place for as long as I can remember. Writing, for me, came later. It was such an amazing feeling to put my pen to paper and have my stories come to life. I even have all those notebooks safely tucked away to look at again whenever I want to see how far I’ve come.

No, those stories will never see the light of day because I think even now people would question my dark fanfic as a young teen.

I've always loved reading.

MEET SuKi WilliAmS

I love them all. But one constant in my life is that I’ve always loved the dark, broken, morally gray characters. Don’t give me a hero who saves the world, I want the villain who will save his chosen family.

Broken people are relatable, real, raw. That’s what I want to convey in my stories and plots. A romance that’s thrilling and a plot that’s consuming.

Come for the spice and stay for the story.

Dark FantASy, ParanormAl, RomAncES…

“When you are not fed love on a silver spoon, you learn to lick it off of knives.” — Lauren Eden

Xbox, Playstation, Switch, PC. I’m all about it. (Though I think PC is becoming my favorite!)

i love cozy games

That and cookies.

Coffee is the only way I survive most days — 


Not sure that counts as fun but people always seem traumatized by it.

I’m allergic to seafood and red meat —


Green is my favorite color.


 is a god among men. I will take no arguments.

Mads Mikkelsen


fun facts:

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Call girls are meant to fuck the client then go home, not fuck them up, but I never minded getting my hands just a little dirty.

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When the game of love is filled with death, lies, and corruption, is it possible for its beauty to survive?

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After learning the gods’ true motives, I’m faced with the ultimate test.
What, or who, will I sacrifice for the greater good?

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Everyone has skeletons in the closet. Mine are just a bit… crazier, than most.

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Can we figure out what is going on in time or will my past come back to haunt more than just my dreams?

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